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Banner Finishing Systems


Finishing is the bottleneck of print production. Hiring and training staff takes time and can be expensive. PLASTGrommet’s large format finishing hardware helps to automate time-consuming tasks. Different price-points, a solution for every shop.

Evolve Air&Wedge Welder

Hot air and hot wedge welder to create hems and to join banners.

This multi-purpose welder is a must-have at any wide format printer.

Roll2Roll Range

Three different models to choose from depending on your specific finishing needs.

Automate time-consuming finishing tasks with a reduced footprint.

The new Roll2Roll range automates time-consuming tasks as welding and eyeleting, with a reduced footprint.

The Finishing Station

Welding & Eyeleting

Finishing station with welding + eyeleting in ONE step.

Reduce banner handling having both processes in the same station.

All In One

Welding + Eyeleting + Slitting or Rewinding

All In One integrates welding, eyeleting, slitting or rewinding in a single process to finish large banner jobs. By eliminating the time required to weld in another finishing system, you not only save time but also space; while increasing your productivity.

All In One is the ideal solution for banner finishing, it will reducing delivery times and costs.