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Evolve Air&Wedge Welder

Evolve Air&Wedge Welder

Hot air and hot wedge welder to create hems and to join banners.

This multi-purpose welder is a must-have at any wide format printer. Easily make hems or join banners by changing the welding guides.

Speed up to 20m/min. Speed will depend on the application, weld width and materials.*

Technologies and Features

  • 1. Equipped with Hot Air (up to 700ºC) & Hot Wedge (up to 700ºC).
  • 2. Material puller for long welds.
  • 3. Precision welding head positioning (XYZ) with stepper motors.
  • 4. Tape dispenser.
  • 5. Lamp.
  • 6. Easy to use multilingual HMI.
  • 7. Built-in table.


  • • PVC laminated fabrics.
  • • PVC coated fabrics.
  • • Wooven polypropylene.
  • • Wooven polyethylene.
  • • Much more.

Your machine include:

  • 1. Hot air nozzle 40 mm.
  • 2. Hot wedge 30 mm.
  • 3. Hemming guide (up to 40 mm)..
  • 4. Joining and tape guide.
  • 5. Welding rollers 30 mm/40 mm.
Optional equipment:

  • 1. Pocket guide.*
  • 2. Table (L-shaped).
  • 3. Hot air nozzle 20mm/30mm/50mm.
  • 4. Hot wedge 20 mm.
  • 5. Welding roller 20 mm.


This equipment features a 7” color touchscreen that allows for all adjustments to be made quickly and easily for your work. The touchscreen is designed for industrial environments, featuring a durable and responsive surface that can withstand the demands of daily operation in a wide format printing setting.

  • • Intuitive User Interface: Easy to navigate menus and settings for efficient operation.
  • • Real-time Adjustments: Quick parameter changes for speed, weld width, and material compatibility.
  • • Multiple languages available.

Easy to use multilingual HMI

All actions to start a job are placed in this window. Speed, temperature, roller tolerance.


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Evolve Air&Wedge Welder

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Technical Support

PLASTGrommet has a professional team to give you technical support.


Equipment made to last. Your print finishing department runs 24h on pick seasons and reliability is a must Designed with access for maintenance.

Safety first

To avoid risks machine has several guards. If any of them is removed machine will not work and a warning message will appear. It integrates security barriers, stopping points, security beacons, etc.