PLASTGrommet® products

We offer a wide range of products to finish your graphics. Clear eyelets for banners (no rust, nearly invisibles…), that when applied on PP or PE banners are the ultimate solution for printers, as the entire banner can go to the #4 or #2 waste stream. Eyelet machines to apply clear eyelets on banners, tarpaulins, corrugated plastics...

Tools and accesories for digital printing, sign making, card wrapping... Small products that help you to make your job easier as squeegees, cutters, cutting mats, safety rulers, media racks, magnets, tool bags kits, stands holders for rigid media...

Our modular frame system allows you to build yourself the frames no matter the size without welding the pipes and to fix the banner we have hook, bungees, straps with buckle, cable ties, reusable clips...

Clear eyelets

plastic grommet
Eyelets machines

machines to set eyelets
Vinyl storage racks

vinyl roll racks
hot air forsthoff welder
Sign making toolstools for signmakers
Banner hanging solutions

adhesive tapes and cable ties