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Compact Lifter - Hydraulic media lifter

Use the Compact Lifter to avoid back injuries and to load alone media rolls directly from the ground to the printer with no effort. Handling media rolls is an issue at any print shop. With the Compact Lifter you will be able to feed printers, move heavy rolls with no effort.

Our entry-level media roll lifter to avoid back injuries takes almost no space in your print shop. This lifter works in quite a simple way, only by pressing the footpedal you can easily lift rolls up to 130 cm and 200 kg. In case you need a fully automatic machine, discover our most advanced media lifter: Quick Lifter.

Reasons to chose Compact Lifter:

  • For rolls up to 200kgs & any width.
  • Lifts up to 130 cm.
  • Lock ramps up to prevent the roll from rolling off.
  • Multi directional wheels so you can go through standard doors.
  • Takes up very small floor space – 570 x 650 mm (W x L).
  • Wheels have breaks to make it easy to roll the media up the ramp.
  • The jack can be stored in an upright position out of the way.

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