Trends in the market of printed advertising media

New trends in advertising printing are often marked by new technologies and technical possibilities that are beginning to gain popularity among companies. In many cases, trends are determined by market movements and by the demand, from both end users and distributors, for a specific product or service.

Today, advertising printing continues to play an important role in advertising strategies due to its great impact and continuity in terms of powerful messages that remain in the collective imaginary.

In this sense, physical printing continues to be an indispensable marketing resource for companies, in order to promote the work of brands and reach a greater number of audiences.

In this article, we will have a look at the range of business products and aspects that are currently a trend and which stood out at the most important events of the sector during last year.

Trends in advertising printing products

The products offered within this market niche are related to the ability to highlight and impress the end user. In a world mainly dominated by communication technologies such as social networks, it seems to be a bad idea to invest in physical media to reach end users.

However, this is far from reality, as physical media remain of great importance for brand promotion strategies. For example, banners for buildings or billboards are an excellent promotion that makes a big impact on everyone who goes nearby.

The 6 trends in advertising printing

Next, we will see the tendencies that stand out at the biggest shows of the sector.

Customized products and packaging

The packaging of a product is very important to stand out from the competition, so good design, creativity and commitment to the environment are the most valued aspects of packaging. In addition, consumers want to become identified with the brand and packaging is the first visible side of the product.

Shorter runs and purchase of digital equipment

The boom in digitization is making print-runs of different content even shorter and on request. That is why delivery times must be shortened and respond to the needs of the digital world. In this sense, digital printing offers a greater advantage against offset printing.

3D printing

3D printing has a strong presence at major trade shows, and although it is not related to the media that we know, there is a proliferation of creative end products for prototyping, spare parts or even decoration. 3D printing has become popular due to the fall in prices and the opening up of this technology to other markets, beyond the purely technological sphere.

Outdoor Advertising

Banners or billboards on the outside of buildings can cover a facade completely, partially or even cover any type of reform. They are very fashionable in large cities and their cost varies according to the dimensions, production and installation. It will also be necessary to consider the required permits and applicable regulations to install them in a public space.

A billboard is the image of the brand of the company, so it is important to keep it in good condition with proper maintenance.

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Customization of Spaces with Vinyl

Nowadays, there is no need to paint all the walls or change structural materials in a space. Now, with wall vinyl wraps, the possibilities of decoration are endless, so it is possible to make signs on any type of support in any type of space.

This kind of large format digital printing allows you to differentiate spaces as varied as hotels, shops, stores, showrooms, corporate events and any interior decoration in which you want to create a big impact.

With vinyl, the possibilities are unlimited as it is usually resistant to treading and can even be used as carpets. In addition, it can be placed on an unimaginable quantity of materials.

Online Digital Printing

Online printing services are an upward trend that is consolidating itself as one of the fastest growing sectors. These services respond directly to the current purchase process of users who increasingly prefer to make purchases via the Internet and receive orders at home.

Business Trends

Sustainability is gaining strength and concern for the recyclability of materials, media and machines used in all printing processes is increasing. For example, regulations such as the California Proposition 65 set the standard for the use of plastic materials in the United States.

Automation does not go unnoticed and becomes a reality in most large format print shops. Along with digitalization, automating processes are undoubtedly a great commitment to the future. In this sense, the automation of finishing processes stands out.

Other product trends include nanotechnologies in printing or the improvement of inks in terms of strength and adaptability.

Without a doubt, new developments in advertising printing and ways of doing business in the sector will have to be tracked. The market is in continuous search of elements that generate convenience, speed, and efficiency. There are also important aspects of trust such as quality standards, being environmentally friendly and waste management.

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