The essential signage tool kits for any sign maker

Vinyl signage is the process of advertising or decorating in which a vinyl is applied on a surface such as walls, glass, vehicles, etc. The signage is distinguishable according to the type of vinyl used, so there are cut vinyl or printed and sheet vinyl.

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Vinyl is a type of film that determines the strength and durability of the assembly over the years. Vinyl for signage is used according to market requirements and assembly needs. There are two different types of vinyl depending on the material:

  • Calendered vinyl: recommended mainly for interior decoration such as advertising in business or at home. This type of vinyl has a lower homogeneity and inferior quality.
  • Cast vinyl: ideal for vehicles and exteriors due to its high quality and durability. Consequently, it is also perfect for applications on corrugated or irregular surfaces

Different types of signage

In the field of sign making, there are different types of signage according to their application. We can divide them into three large groups: indoor signage –mainly used as decoration at home or with an informative, preventive or commercial aim; outdoor banners –with similar purposes– and car wrapping, mostly used for commercial or ornamental purposes

For all types of signage, practically the same tools are required, but depending on the type of material, the use of specific tools is recommended..

Sign making equipment, tools and accessories

For the correct application of vinyl, the right tools are necessary so as to keep the signage workshop in order and to ensure an impeccable quality of finishes.

For small applications or applications on vehicles, the operation can be done in a sign shop, but most of the time the sign maker will have to travel to the assembly site and all the tools will have to be carried over as well. Signage solutions must be efficient and able to be carried out in the shortest possible time. To make this possible, it is necessary to keep all things in order during work and to hold the most suitable accessories.

Below we will see what the main tools that any sign maker must have are, which are essential to create specific kits that help maintain order and, above all, speed up the application of vinyl.

Vinyl applicators:


It is a plastic element usually rectangular in shape that is used to fix the vinyl to the surface. Rubber rollers can also be used for some applications, but squeegees are the most commonly used. In PLASTGrommet we have three models:

Daily use squeegees: ideal for pressure-sensitive applications such as screen printing, tape, film or signs.

Felt edge red squeegee: for a more delicate application, this squeegee is a combination of materials such as polypropylene and felt. It prevents scratches during application. The felt edge can be changed, which allows a greater durability to the squeegee itself.

Marathon squeegees: you can apply vinyl with the security of not scratching the surfaces. This squeegee has been manufactured with a microfiber edge that allows for a totally smooth application. It can be used either dry or wet.

Vinyl scrapers

Although its shape is often similar to that of squeegees, it has a different purpose. With this tool, you can remove a previous vinyl application or remove excess material. It is also recommended to use a lift stick for the correct lifting of the vinyl. In PLASTGrommet we have several models:

General purpose blade: Ideal for delicate surfaces. It can be used for car paint, plastics, wooden finishes, etc.

General purpose blade: Ideal for delicate surfaces. It can be used for car paint, plastics, wooden finishes, etc.

Uneven surfaces blade: Ideal for removing excess material from surfaces such as fiberglass, joints, tiles, etc.

Big plastic razor: Unlike the previous ones, this model reduces fatigue in long jobs. Its shape is more comfortable, providing comfort for the palm of the hand.

Essential accessories for sign makers:

Squeegees and scrapers can be considered the main tools for the application of vinyl. However, if you want perfect results when working with vinyl, you need:

Gloves: PTo manipulate materials you need to use special gloves that prevent dirt, marks on the vinyl or static electricity.

Handle magnets: they make it easier to place vinyl on metals, especially in vehicles

Safety knife: it allows us to remove the remaining material quickly and safely.

Brush to apply vinyl: for uneven surfaces, a brush is used to finish rivets, corrugated or embossed areas.

Popping-pen: This item has the shape of a normal pen and a tip that allows you to get rid of the annoying bubbles on vinyl.

Cutters: Whether to prepare the vinyl or to make cuts in areas difficult to reach, every sign maker should have cutters with the best blades.

Weeding tools: There are two models to use; ergonomic and comfortable pens to separate the material from the surface and the tweezers, recommended for totally precise finishes.

With the right squeegees, scrapers and accessories, you can create useful sets to keep in a bag for work. In PLASTGrommet we have two models of kits for signage: a basic model and a PRO model..

PLATGrommet Tool bag kit PRO

They can either be used with a clip or an adjustable belt. It is the best way to have all the tools needed for your signage work within reach, as it comes with multiple pockets to store. Depending on the type of work done by sign makers, a comfortable and easy to carry kit is essential to speed up the application of vinyl.

If you need more information about our products for vinyl signage, do not hesitate to contact us.

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