Multipress: Advantages of using an automatic eyelet machine

An automatic eyelet machine is an advanced system specially designed for large production cycles. This type of machine is characterized by its speed and versatility, being able to work with different types of plastic materials, textiles and corrugated among others.

With an automatic eyelet machine, you can improve the quality of work due to its precision, which generates greater time-saving benefits. Nowadays, it is the easiest and fastest way to set eyelets.

The automatic eyelet machines were developed as an evolution of the hand presses when the print shops began to grow and have a greater number of productions.

automatic eyelet machines

This evolution was directly supported by technological changes in the graphic arts sector. While the entire research and development effort focused primarily on the prepress and printing processes, in large format printing the finishing departments became the bottleneck for on-time deliveries.

At first, print shops opted to hire more workers to speed up the finishing process. However, this option increased costs, as well as the physical wear of the workers themselves, the disorganization and inefficiency in delivering the work with the highest possible quality.

In this way, the development of automatic eyelet machines made it possible for the sector to acquire a technological alternative that would improve, in all senses, the processes of the finishing department. A fundamental change in the improvement of time and cost savings for print shops.

Main advantages of an automatic eyelet machine

There are different models of eyelet machines on the market, each with its own specific features. Next, we will see the advantages of this type of machines, focusing mainly on Multipress, the most advanced system on the market.

1.- Reliability and quality: the machine has presence detectors for both the washer and the eyelet, thus preventing a setting default. Machine failures usually happen when there is a lack or a wrong positioning of the elements, that is why we reduce the risk of damaging the works.

2.- Warnings and maintenance: the machine has indicators that warn when eyelets and washers need to be replaced, and also when preventive maintenance is required.

3.- Safety: Multipress eyelet machines are totally safe. They have protection devices where the eyelet is set and do not work under unsafe conditions. It is a great advantage to avoid unnecessary risks. In addition to this, it has the CE marking, which gives us reliability as regards compliance with safety regulations.

4.- Continuous supply: This eyelet machine has deposits for eyelets and washers. In the case of washers, it has a double supply raceway so as not to stop the supply at any time.

5.- Adaptability: With Multipress, it is possible to perform different modes of setting according to the needs and material used. For example, we can choose to carry out the setting with a pre-cutting mode or just with eyelets.

Unique features of the Multipress eyelet machine

In addition to all the advantages mentioned above, there are other features that make the Multipress eyelet machine stand out from others on the market. Among them, we can highlight:

  • ●It adjusts and adapts to the thickness of the material used in order to improve the reliability when setting eyelets.
  • ●It includes a timer and also counts the number of eyelets set to facilitate and optimize the duration and cost of the job done.
  • ●It can be moved within the working space as it features a table with wheels.
  • ●It offers optional accessories, such as an extension table that facilitates the handling of the media.
  • ●Maximum setting precision with laser pointer, stops for the material and eyelet spacer.
  • ●Its motor is electric, so it allows you to set eyelets at high-speed.

When do I need an automatic eyelet machine?

This is the most common question among digital print finishing managers, so we will give you some guidelines to determine the need for an automatic, semi-automatic eyelet machine or a hand press.

For example, if the finishing department is slowing down the delivery of jobs and if it needs a lot of staff or time to set the eyelets manually, you may need an automatic eyelet machine. According to our experience, it is important to know how many eyelets are set in a given period of time. This will give us the necessary information to clarify if it is necessary to update our equipment to increase the production.

On the other hand, if you want to optimize and scale the business up to large production cycles and use new materials, you must look for efficiency in the setting of eyelets, being an automatic machine the best solution for growth.

Automatic eyelet machines such as Multipress are designed for large volumes of work, being able to place up to 50 eyelets per minute and therefore becoming the perfect choice for the growth of digital printing workshops.

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