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The Finishing Station

The Finishing Station

Welding & Grommeting

Finishing station for banners with welding and grommeting

The ultimate banner finishing station. A single operator can operate the Finishing Station to completely finish rolls and banners with welding and grommeting in ONE STEP.

The machine that print finishing operators have been waiting for: Hem welding & grommetting in a single process.

  • Unique built-in station with an automatic grommet machine and a hot air welder.
  • Banner finishing has never been so easy. Double pedal to control the operation, one to start/stop welding and the other for grommet setting.
  • Driven bottom synchronized rollers for consistent pressure.
  • It is possible to do hem welding or just grommetting as both machines are mounted on linear guides and can be stepped back.
  • Optional conveyor system synchronized with the driven rollers for easy material handling.

Welding & Grommeting in ONE step for any print shop


The main task for which the Finishin Station is designed is the banner finishing process with welding and grommeting in one pass. To do this, we have installed our most advanced automatic grommet machine, the Multipress.


Multipress has been designed with large volume users in mind, it is fast (electric), reliable (washer and grommet detector), features a double washer raceway, it can work with fabrics as well as PVC banners and it will inform you when maintenance is due, a must have for companies finishing large number of banners.

It can work with different types of materials: fabrics, corrugated plastics, clear foil, PVC banners…


Different welding options. With "The Finishing Station" you can finish your banners using keder, tap reforcement or hem welding.

Welding and Grommeting at the same time is possible using this station.

Top-of-the-range hot air blower:

  • Maintenance-free brushless blower motor.
  • Integrated heating element and tool protection.
  • Infinitely adjustable heating capacity and air volume with the “e-drive”.
  • Automatic cool-down function.
  • Target / actual values display.

It is possible to do hem welding or just grommetting as both machines are mounted on linear guides and can be stepped back

Technologies and Features

1. Positioning and welding pedal | 2. Reinforcement and Hem Welding Adapters | 3. Welder | 4. Touch screen | 5. Tape dispenser | 6. Grommet and washer dispenser | 7. Grommeting machine | 8. Banner traction system | 9. Holes for station transportation | 10. Waste deposit

Additional options

We have two types of tables. A conveyor belt that is driven when you drive the machine. And a Extension Table that can be put before and after the conveyor belt.

Conveyor Belt: An automatic action table that will provide you with the best help and comfort to work. This table is connected and synchronized with the Finishing Station.

Extension Tables: Auxiliary table designed to be placed before and after the conveyor belt.

Conveyor Belt

Extension Tables

1. Extension Table | 2. Conveyor Belt | 3. Extension Table

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The Finishing Station

Welding & grommeting

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The system integrates security measures to avoid injuries and in case of any problem the machine will stop and displaying a warning message.