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Multipress: A great electric eyeleting press for industrial users

Multipress is a new fully automatic eyelet press designed to work with PLASTGrommet clear eyelets. This model has been manufactured for large banner producers who set thousands of eyelets weekly and require a reliable and industrial eyelet press that can keep track of eyelets set per shift, can work on different materials like fabrics, Coroplast or banners.

for textile and PVC


MultiPress, The most advanced eyelet press in the market for high volume users:

  • Sets eyelets in a variety of materials including PVC banners, flags, plastics and textiles.
  • Maximum speed, above 60 eyelets per minute.
  • Machine automatically feeds eyelet and washer, cuts the material whilst setting the eyelet.
  • Pre-cut mode, perfect settings even on light fabrics.
  • Large capacity hoppers.
  • Double washer raceway.
  • Washer detector in the setting area, machine won’t work if washer is not in place.
  • Powerful engine to cut through hard materials.
  • Available for 8 and 12mm PLASTGrommet plastic eyelets.

Reference Description Video Technical sheet
MULTIPRESS Automatic for textiles and PVC banners automatic grommet machine Download


Control panel for make your job easier

  • Touchscreen, allowing you to choose sensors, working mode, language, number of eyelets set...
  • Easy maintenance: when it is due a warning message will be shown on the screen
  • Choose between different eyeleting modes. Pre-cutting mode for special materials. When operator presses the pedal, machine will fisrt cut the hole and then set the eyelet.

Trust in having a good job

  • Double washer supply on raceway. If one side is empty the other automatically works.
  • Multipress incorporates washer and eyelet sensors to prevent incorrect settings.
  • You will never make an incorrect setting.

Other features

Quality settings

On the setting process if eyelet/grommet or washers are not in the correct position machine won’t work. Multipress acts proactively and if washer is not on the correct position a blower will push the washer to the setting area, fully automatic.

Maintenance warnings

When maintenance is due, based on the number of settings, a message is displayed informing operator. Preventive maintenance reduces equipment downtime.

Safety first

To avoid risks machine has several guards. If any of them is removed machine won’t work and a warning message will appear.

Double washer supply

Washer raceway has a unique twin channel system. One acts as backup and only works when main is empty, everything controlled by a PLC.

Pre-cutting mode

The best way to avoid wrinkles on fabrics. Automatic machine performs a double cycle pressing the pedal once, first Multipress cuts the fabric and then sets the eyelet/grommet.

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