Types of squeegees used in the printing industry

What types of tools and accessories are used in the graphics industry?

    Different tools and accessories are used in the printing industry to finish printed material. Some of the most important and essential tools, if you want to be an excellent printing professional, are:

  • 1.Printing and cutting tools: such as printers or cutting plotters.

  • 2.Handling and transport tools: such as media holders, roll lifters and gloves, among others.

  • 3.Tools for the application of vinyl: among which are squeegees and their different models. For example, plastic squeegees and felt squeegees.

  • 4.Cutting tools: such as cutting plotters, precision cutters, rulers or corner rounders, among others.

  • 5.Generic tools for sign makers: In this case we refer to tools that are not specific to the graphic industry, such as DIY tools, rollers, scissors or tweezers.

  • 6.Banner Finishing Tools: such as eyelet machines, automatic systems for cutting and eyeleting banners, as well as welders and laminators.

  • 7.Storage accessories: in this case, we can mention the roll storage racks, as well as tool holders which are a very well-known and emblematic accessories in this sector.


Types of squeegees used when applying vinyl

There are several types of squeegees and scrapers to apply vinyl. Some of the most important are:

Plastic Squeegees

Everyday-use plastic squeegees have the particularity of helping to fix the adhesive vinyl to the surface to work on.

At PLASTGrommet, our squeegees are made of high-quality materials, such as polypropylene, and allow high sliding. As part of their main features, we can remark their four rounded corners which help prevent damage. In addition, they are available in different types of hardness.

The squeegees are used for all types of pressure-sensitive applications, such as film, signs and vinyl among other materials.

In PLASTGrommet, we have several models of plastic squeegees. We may highlight the Gold Super-Flex model featuring two great advantages: flexibility as well as hardness to maintain the shape for longer. It is ideal for different types of applications due to its versatility.

GOLD Super-Flex Squeegee
PLASTGrommet GOLD Super-Flex Squeegee

Felt Edge Squeegees

These squeegees have one of the edges covered with a layer of felt, allowing the professional to treat the material smoothly and carefully. In addition, due to the type of material used, these squeegees can adapt perfectly to irregular surfaces.

They are one of the most widely used industrial squeegees for large surfaces, and they also help reduce damage to vinyl or signs. They are ideal for any type of film or vinyl that makes a wrap on the surface, mainly for smooth media.

It is the perfect solution for the Car Wrapping technique, in which vinyl is applied to cars and windows.

Felt edge Red squeegee 15cm
PLASTGrommet Felt edge Red squeegee 15cm

Microfiber squeegees

They are also industrial squeegees, which have a double advantage, as they unify the characteristics of the two models mentioned above. On the one hand, they allow strong pressure to be exerted on the material to be worked, and on the other hand, they treat the material itself smoothly and are capable of adapting to all those surfaces that feature uneven lines.

In PLASTGrommet, our most used squeegee in Car Wrapping applications is the Marathon model, manufactured with a double high-quality microfiber coating, which provides all the smoothness necessary not to scratch the surface. We also have the Marathon Flex squeegees, with the same quality characteristics as the Marathon model but with greater flexibility. Thus, depending on the needs of our customers, we can offer the possibility to choose any of the microfiber squeegees.

One of their advantages is that they can be used either wet or dry, which allows a great versatility of safe and easy work. Wet applications make the microfiber slide more gently.

The quality and smoothness of the manufacturing materials make it perfect for high quality vinyl and follow the recommendations of leading companies in the sector, manufacturers and distributors of graphic, labeling and packaging materials.

MARATHON FLEX Microfiber Squeegee
PLASTGrommet MARATHON FLEX Microfiber Squeegee

Different vinyl printing techniques. Which squeegees are used for their application?

Nowadays, different vinyl printing techniques are used in the graphic arts sector. Up next, we will explain

the most popular and the most requested ones among customers.

Cut Vinyl

Digitally-cut vinyl is one of the most popular techniques when it comes to applying vinyl for decorating spaces or even clothing textiles. This printing technique requires a design, firstly mapped by a computer.

It should be noted that this type of printing allows the use of several types of vinyl of different colors, as well as the use of all types of textures. It also offers multiple options for customization and designs.

For its application, plastic and mixed squeegees as well as antibubble tools must be used.

Printable Vinyl

Printable vinyl consists of a self-adhesive film that covers different uses; like cut vinyl, it is also highly recommended for printing on fabrics. However, it differs greatly from the previous one in the fact that it has a white base and is applied through printing on the desired surface.

However, this printing technique has a lower quality finish, since it is precisely this transparent layer the one that remains around the printed drawing.

It can be applied modularly, so precision is key at the time of assembly. Depending on the thickness of the vinyl, it is advisable to use plastic squeegees or felt edge squeegees to remove unevenness.

What is repositionable vinyl film used for?

As its name suggests, repositionable refers to a certain material that offers the possibility of sticking and detaching without leaving any adhesive waste.

Nowadays, repositionable adhesive vinyl offers multiple uses. In fact, it has become a decorative element much preferred by all consumers, because regardless of tastes and preferences for styles, repositionable vinyl comprises multiple designs and sizes.

For the application of vinyl and its later detachment from the surface, it is necessary to have the appropriate sign making tools. Among the main tools, there are different types of squeegees, scrapers according to the type of surface, cutters for all types of cuts, antibubbles and antistatic gloves that do not allow fibers or dust to adhere.

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Seasonal decoration

This is one of the most popular options and one which attracts people. It is about using vinyl with specific designs on a particular festivity. The favorite par excellence is Christmas, but there are also many other celebrations that invite you to use elements that reflect a thematic decoration, such as Halloween, Easter or Carnival, among others.

Temporary decoration

In this case, decorative repositionable vinyl allow us to create particular designs to make one feel fully at home and to make the decoration match our style before purchasing a house. Best of all, when removed with scrapers, they leave no trace but neither do they deteriorate and can be reused in another location.

Advertising and business

Another use of repositionable vinyl and one which has spread a lot in recent times, both for its versatility and comfort of use, is in the advertising and business sector.

Many companies use vinyl in their shop windows and posters, even for promotions and certain campaigns. Their wide design options, easy application and removal with the simple use of scrapers, as well as their versatility, make them become the main choice when it comes to communicating something visually in a physical space.

As a conclusion, in order to perform a professional job in digital printing, it is not only necessary to have a good graphic job. It is also essential to have quality tools and squeegees to avoid errors during the application and finishing phase.

If you need more information about our products for vinyl signage, do not hesitate to contact us.

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