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Tools for car wrapping and vinyl application such us standard squeegees 4" and 6", felt squeegees and premium Gold squeegee and WetEdge squeegee (for delicate vinyl and recommend by Avery for its Conform Chrome vinyl).

Card wrapping magnets, plastic razors for vinyl removal, gloves from the daily type up to the premium WrapGlove used by the wrap geeks, wrapping chair... Will help you to finish your job. Do not forget our popular bubble popper pen (blue) as the correct way to eliminate bubbles.

Tool bags will help you to keep your tools and magnets in place and always available, saving you time end of the day. Our special card wrapping kits offer with an affordable price the tool bag and a selection of tools all sign makers will need (squeegees, cutters, magnets, weeding pen...).

Safety rulers are a must tool on every sign shop to avoid injuries. PLASTGrommet range offers best available quality due to its stainless steel edge, non-slip mat and numbers laser engraved. Several cutting mats models with printed grid are also available.