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Safety Rulers and Cutting mat

aluminium ruler with stainless

Safety rulers

For cutting materials with stainless steel protection of 70, 100, 150, 200 and 240 cm:

  • Best safety ruler available in the sign and graphics industry.
  • The stainless steel cutting edge gives maximum performance.
  • It is made of heavy duty aluminum construction and anodized in red finish, which means easy to find.
  • The curved aluminum finger guard is designed to give the most protection.
  • The non-slipm bottom prevents unwanted movement.
  • Numbers are laser etched.
Reference Description
PHRS70 Safety ruler 70 cm - Finger guard (red)
PHRS100 Safety ruler 100 cm - Finger guard (red)
PHRS150 Safety ruler 150 cm - Finger guard (red)
PHRS200 Safety ruler 200 cm - Finger guard (red)
PHRS240 Safety ruler 240 cm - Finger guard (red)
cutting mat with grid

Clear Cutting mat

Tool that protects the work surface from scratches and cuts. It is possible to cut any kind of media on it. Perfect for sign-making and digital printing.:

  • It can be used by both sides.
  • Made of self-healing materials.
  • 5 mm thickness.
  • 120 cm width.
  • Maximum length: 20 m.
Reference Description
PHRACT60 Self-healing Cutting mat 60 x 120 cm.
PHRACT250 Self-healing Cutting mat 250 x 120 cm.
PHRACT Self-healing Cutting mat - Custom length x 120 cm.