How to place PVC advertising banners

The use of advertising banners is one of the mechanisms of local advertising at the point of sale. Also, they work as a communicative poster to promote a certain event or act. We have seen them a thousand times in photocalls, for example, to give visibility to sponsoring brands.

Knowing that they are an optimal form of local promotion and advertising at a physical point, we are sure that you will work with them on certain occasions. Now, do you know how to assemble them correctly? Or which frames you should use?

Frames for advertising banners

Stands for printed media or advertising PVC banners are made of lightweight aluminum and easy to transport. They are also quick and easy to assemble.

However, there are different holders for printed media or advertising banners such as frames, billboards, lampposts or X-shaped displays .

To place them, it is enough to seal the edges of the banner to its frame. This process of welding or taping can be done in various ways, thus achieving perfect and eye-catching advertising banners on a frame.

The type of material with which the banner should be fastened must be considered during the installation process. These can be polyester webbing straps with metal buckle, bungees with plasticized hook, nylon cable ties, fastening with eyelets or elastic cord for example. These are some of the most popular elements for the optimal fastening of PVC banners.

In those occasions in which the advertising banners feature a great size and therefore a great weight, or in those cases when they are going to be placed outdoors, they will need some welding in the perimeter zone of the banner itself to assure its resistance.

This perimeter reinforcement depends on different factors: the use that is going to be given to the banner and the efforts that it has to support.

For banners which are expected to be used temporarily, it would be enough to use an adhesive reinforcement that can make the finish more beautiful as it does not even need machinery to be placed.

On the other hand, there is the option of hemming, as well as welding, the latter being a special reinforcement, recommended above all for those advertising banners that will be used for an extended period of time. For this purpose, a high-tenacity and PVC-coated polyester webbing is welded.

PVC banner assembly process

At the time of placing the banner, it is necessary to know that, depending on its size, more or less people might be needed. However, it should be noted that as long as the banner has appropriate fastening systems, the number of people needed for placement will decrease.

In addition, if we want to speed up the assembly of advertising banners, we can use some tools that will make the job easier, for example, a ladder if it is a banner of small dimensions, or for those banners of greater size and weight, a lifting platform might be needed.

Types of advertising banners

In the market, there are several types of advertising banners that we must review to choose which of them best suits our needs and, therefore, adapt the job type and process to it. The most popular types of PVC banners are:

1. Frontlit

It is a completely white PVC banner, with a glossy finish, designed for optimum front lighting with hardly any transparency. Frontlit is one of the most demanded advertising banners due to its resistance, quality and economic price.

It is often used for all types of billboards, as well as banners or displays that contain a lot of color. Due to its striking character, it is excellent for the setting of festive events, such as celebrations or fairs. It can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

2. Backlit

This is a type of translucent banner that is specifically designed to be backlit thanks to light filtration. However, this type of advertising banner also meets the perfect requirements for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. Blackout

It is a completely opaque banner because it has a black inner film that prevents the images from being translucent. Finishes are, therefore, more striking and attractive.

For these reasons, this type of advertising banner is often used for outdoors and for double-sided printing, such as in election campaigns or lampposts.

4. Mesh

Mesh is the ideal banner for outdoors par excellence, since it resists the effect of strong winds. It is a micro-punched banner, which allows air to pass through its holes.

Widely used, therefore, for those advertising banners that are placed on buildings or for those that cover work scaffolding. In these cases, eyelets and modular systems of structures are used to build the frame that will hold the banner.

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