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Roll2Roll - The ultimate eyelet solution

The Roll 2 Roll is a high output eyeleting machine with which a single operator can set eyelets on both sides of the banner on a fully automatic mode. It features adjustable width, automatic edge alignment, rewinding unit with tension control and a slitting module to cut banners. Operator interface is extremely easy to use, being able to control distance between eyelets and from the edge, banner length …

It features two working modes, “Roll2Roll” to eyelet full rolls and “Banner” where operator can input banner length and number of eyelets and the machine will automatically slit the banner once finished.

Easy roll loading and wrinkle free with its tensioning systems.
Easy to use operator interface with large touchscreen.
Precise slitting unit with rotary cutter.

Reasons to choose Roll2Roll:

  • Easy roll loading and wrinkle free with its tensioning systems

  • Adjustable distance between eyelet machines to make any roll width between 600 and 2400mm (model shown)

  • Edge-alignment system with photo-sensors and pneumatic adjustment.

  • Traction pulling station with adjustable pressure rollers to work with different banner widths

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