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Car Wrapping Squeegees

Microfiber Marathon Squeegee

Microfiber Marathon Squeegee 10cm

10cm (4") > Ref: PHTIEHAV10

Microfiber Marathon Squeegee 15cm

15cm (6") > Ref: PHTIEHAV15

  • Our top squeegee has a unique microfiber edge to avoid scratching (softer than felt).
  • Microfiber lasts longer and it is rated for up 200.000 Wyzenbeek double rubs.
  • It can be used either wet or dry.
  • Squeegee edge glides over graphics and vinyls without damaging them.
  • With our Marathon squeegee you can work faster, safer and easier.
  • Squeegee type recommended by Avery Denninson for their Conform Chrome film applications.
  • Color choice not available.

Reference Description
PHTIEHAV10 - PHTIEHAV15 Microfiber Marathon 10cm(4") and 15cm(6")

MARATHON FLEX Microfiber Squeegee

Same properties as Marathon Squeegee but with more flexibility, choose the Marathon model that better suits your needs!

10cm (4") > Ref: PHTIEHAVFX

15cm (6") > Ref: PHTIEHAVFX15

MARATHON FLEX Microfiber Squeegee

Reference Description
PHTIEHAVFX - PHTIEHAVFX15 MARATHON FLEX Microfiber Squeegee 10cm (4") - 15cm (6")

GOLD Super-Flex Squeegee

The perfect combination:
Soft enough to have flexibility but hard enough to keep the shape for a long time. It has been designed to last longer than the everyday-use models, we call it our “all performance squeegee”.

10cm (4") > Ref: PHREP10G

GOLD Super-Flex Squeegee

Reference Description
PHRQP10G GOOLD Super-Flex 10cm(4")

Everyday use Squeegee

Felt edge Red squeegee

Felt edge Red squeegee 10cm

10cm (4") > Ref: PHREP10RF

Felt edge Red squeegee 15cm

15cm (6") > Ref: PHREP15RF

Our red felt edge squeegee is a unique combination of our everyday-use polyblend squeegee with a soft, smooth, felt edge to help prevent scratching when applying vinyl.

With our felt edge squeegees you can really apply pressure on the vinyl without damaging it.

Reference Description
PHREP10RF - PHREP15RF Felt edge red squeegee 10cm(4") and 15cm(6")

Daily use Squeegee Blue

Manufactured in a polyblend, it features highstability twin ribs for easy handling and it adapts to difficult surfaces. It has a medium memory, highly flexible, high glide and four rounded corners.

This model has a higher flexibility rate and medium memory.

10cm (4") > Ref: PHREP10A

15cm (6") > Ref: PHREP15A

Daily use Squeegee Blue

Reference Description
PHREP10A - PHREP15A Daily use Squeegee - Blue - 10cm(4") and 15cm(6")

Green Squeegee

Green Squeegee 10cm

10cm (4") > Ref: PHREP10V

Green Squeegee 15cm

15cm (6") > Ref: PHREP15V

Manufactured in a polyblend, it features high-stability twin ribs for easy handling and pressure control. It has a strong memory, medium flex, high glide and four rounded corners.

Green squeegee is ideal for vinyl, film, graphics, tape, silk screen and pressure-sensitive applications.

Reference Description
PHREPV Green Squeegee 10 - 15 cm



  • The Corner Rounder will round off corners of different materials.
  • Materials: Aluminum composite (Dibond®), PVC, cardboard, paper and many other materials.
  • Easy to change blades and free of maintenance.
  • Radius alignment guide.
  • Three different radius available: 1/4” (6mm), 3/8” (10mm) and 9/16” (14mm)
  • Maximum material thickness: ½” (15mm)
  • You need to order: Part#:HPS025 + Part#:PHTIKCR10

Part# Description Video Technical sheet
HPS025 + PHTIKCR10 CornerRounder Datasheet