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automatic grommeting machine


Evolution Press, Automatic grommet machine for banners:

  • Pneumatic grommet press
  • Fast and reliable, forget about the bottleneck of setting grommets once banner has been printed.
  • Machine automatically feeds grommet and washer, cuts the material whilst setting the grommet.
  • Laser pointer for accurate setting, print with your RIP the grommet marks and just follow them to make the setting process faster and easier than ever.
  • Positioning guides: Distance between grommets and from banner edge.
  • Machine comes mounted on a stainless steel platform with lockable castors.
  • Not recommended for textiles, as it might create wrinkles.

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Evolution Automatic grommet machine. See more
for textile and PVC


AutoCross, Perfect for mid-size customers!:

  • Electrical grommet press
  • It can work with different types of materials:fabrics, corrugated plastics, clear foil, PVC banners …
  • Adjustable cutting pressure
  • Adjustable grommet closing pressure, even on thin fabrics material will not roll.
  • Laser pointer for accurate setting.
  • Operator safety first
  • Easy maintenance
  • Grommet spacer so all of them are set to the same distance

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AutoCross Perfect for mid-size customers See more
for textile and PVC


MultiPress, The most advanced grommet press in the market for high volume users:

  • Electrical grommet press
  • Sets grommets in a variety of materials including PVC banners, flags, plastics and textiles.
  • Maximum speed, above 60 grommets per minute.
  • Machine automatically feeds grommet and washer, cuts the material whilst setting the grommet.
  • Pre-cut mode, perfect settings even on light fabrics.
  • Double washer raceway.
  • Washer detector in the setting area, machine won’t work if washer is not in place.

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MultiPress Automatic for textiles and PVC banners See more