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PLASTGrommet® clear grommets are made on high tech techno polymer blend being the perfect solution to finish your prints, they do no rust and the fact that they are clear makes them almost invisible.

Many customers choose PLASTGrommet® because they print banners on PP or PE media. They find that we have a unique advantage compare with metal ones or with the other plastic copies that are on the market: Our PLASTGrommets® can go to the same waste stream as PP or PE media when recycled; making them the perfect grommet solution for these type of banners. All tests can be found on the download area from our web. If you are a printer provider or advertising agency targeting large accounts as supermarkets or fast food chains, we have the product you need to finish your job with guarantees for you and for your customers.

#3 Grommet(Ø12mm)

For all kind of applications:
  • Corrugated PP (Coroplast).
  • X-banner.
  • Foam board.
  • Fabrics.

#3 Long Neck Grommet(Ø12mm)

  • Longer neck for heavier banners.
  • On rigid materials it is possible to use just the grommet (no washer).
  • Thicker rigid materials.
  • Same washer as regular 12 mm.

Reasons to choose PLASTGrommet:

  • They will not rust when set outdoors.
  • Nearly invisible, they help you to improve the look of your banners.
  • Cal Prop 65 compliant: Our clear grommets have been tested under Cal Prop 65.
  • Free of heavy metals and anti-corrosives.
  • Free of PVC.
  • UV protected.
  • Certified for cold weather.

PLASTGrommet recycling advantages:

  • PLASTGrommet offers the only true recyclable grommets in the market.
  • Using them, PP and PE banners are totally recyclable in the and waste stream.
  • Certified by AIMPLAS (Plastic Technology Centre) with project # PRO08-0184.
  • Clearly the ultimate grommet solution for banners.

Our grommets work in the same way as the traditional metal ones

On tensile strength tests, banner always breaks, not the grommet!