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Roll2Roll Lite +

Roll2Roll Lite +

Fence Mesh | Eyeleting

For customers that need to grommet both sides on roll-to-roll jobs. A typical application will be fence mesh for construction sites (when using pre-hemmed material).

Reasons to choose Roll2Roll Lite +:

Automate the grommet setting process.

Fast and precise: Grommet a 50-meter roll in 9 minutes
(based on grommet settings every meter)

2 in 1 grommet feature: One machine turns 180º and can be used as a standard grommet press to grommet the short sides or normal banner jobs.

New version incorporates:

- Drive motor on the take up roll.
- Automatic mode/manual mode.
- Adjustable speed.
- Grommet distance.
- Adjustable working width.
- Two air shafts.
- Operator interface with color touch screen.
- Status indicator light.
- Safety rope emergency stop switch.

Independent eyelet station

Automatic eyelet machine
Evolution | Autocross

Turn the machine over and use it independently. By making a 180º turn, the machine goes from being a line machine to being an independent eyelet station.

By using the auxiliary foot pedal, you can operate the eyelet machine and work with ease to finish rolls or banners quickly.

Support tray for greater comfort.

Technologies and Features

1. Loading roll axle | 2. Control panel | 3. Eyelet machine Nº 1 | 4. Eyelet machine Nº 2 | 5. Support tray | 6. Independent eyelet machine foot pedal

Available sizes

Maximum working width. Option 1: 2000 mm | Option 2. 2600 mm

(The equipment corresponds to option 2)

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Roll2Roll Lite Plus

Fence mesh | Eyeleting

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European manufacturing.

Technical Support

PLASTGrommet has a professional team to give you technical support.


Equipment made to last. Your print finishing department runs 24h on pick seasons and reliability is a must Designed with access for maintenance.

Safety first

To avoid risks machine has several guards. If any of them is removed machine will not work and a warning message will appear. It integrates security barriers, stopping points, security beacons, etc.