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All In One - Roll 2 Roll 2019

New All In One Roll2Roll integrates in a single process hem welding, eyeleting and slitting to finish large banner jobs. As it eliminates the time needed to weld hems on another finishing station you are not only reducing time but also space while you are boosting your productivity.

All in One is the 360º solution for banner finishing as you will reduce lead times and labor costs.

Technologies and features

Modular system

All In One - Roll2Roll- consists of individual job stations that come together to create the definitive Banner Finishing Machine. The stations are joined together through a system of hooks. You can choose among all the stations and build a custom machine, your own Banner Finishing System!

Control panel to make your job easier

  • Friendly interface to control all operations in one place with a 10” touchscreen
  • Recipe storage of materials and welding parameters.
  • Warnings & maintenance messages.
  • Screen allows you to choose working mode, eyelets ON/OFF, language…
  • Choose among three working modes:
    1) Vision system to recognize eyelet and cutting marks.
    2) Number of eyelets per banner.
    3) Distance between eyelets and system will space them evenly.

Welding station

  • Two hot air welders with automatic positioning system - 230V/3400W.
  • Integrated heating element and tool protection device.
  • Automatic cool-down function.
  • Welding parameters accessibles on the touchscreen (temperature / air volume).
  • Choose among three different types of welding. Hem welding, tape welding and single flap keder.
  • Weldable materials: PVC banners, mesh and PE.
  • Max. temperature 650º - Max. air volume (20ºC) 350 l/min - Noise emission level 65 dB(A).

Accumulating system (dancer)

  • In order to have an efficient welding process an accumulating system has been built-in.
  • When eyelets are set or slitting takes place, the accumulating system creates a buffer of material not making necessary to stop the welding process.
  • Welding speed with eyelet setting up to 6 linear meters per minute (factors such as material used and type of welding will affect final speed).

Eyeletting system

  • System integrates two fully automatic eyelet machines with double washer supply on raceway..
  • One machine is on a fixed position while the other is mounted on linear guides to easily adjust working width.
  • Easy access to both machines for maintenance routines.
  • Warning signal when eyelets and washers need to be reloaded.

Rewinding and Slitting

  • You can choose Roll2Roll when you need to finish full rolls as when making fence banners for example.
  • When you need to make panels to a certain length you can use the integrated rotary cutter to slit between the last eyelet of one banner and the first of the other, being able to do it with the vision system that recognizes cutting marks or using the position reader.
  • Optional coreless shaft for small banners rewinding.

Five Reasons to chosse

1. All In One

Reduce bottle necks in your print finishing department.When you integrate in a single machine three different processes that are labor intensive (welding, eyeleting and slitting or rewinding) you will be boosting the efficiency of your operation.

2. Slitting and Rewinding

The system integrates a rewinding station but also allows you to cut the banners adapting to your jobs. You can choose between slitting and rewinding modes.

3. Vision system for eyelet and cutting marks plus banner alignment.

All In One integrates a complete vision system. Camera is able to read eyelet setting and cutting marks. An alignment sensor works when roll is unwound. If material is badly rolled the machine will automatically correct it to do a perfect job.

4. Three working modes

Choose the way of working that best suits your needs.
  • Vision system to read eyelet & cutting marks.
  • Input number of eyelets.
  • Input distance between eyelets.

5. Different welding options

In the world of digital printing there are different ways of finishing banners. With All In One you can finish your banners using keder, tape reinforcement or hem welding.

With us, your company is covered


European manufacturing.

Technical Support

PLASTGrommet has a professional team to give you technical support. All In One features a remote access to troubleshoot PLC issues or machine errors.


Equipment made to last. Your print finishing department runs 24h on pick seasons and reliability is a must Designed with access for maintenance.

Safety first

To avoid risks machine has several guards. If any of them is removed machine will not work and a warning message will appear. It integrates security barriers, stopping points, security beacons, etc.

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