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Roll2Roll Lite Banner

The perfect finishing solution for customers that need to eyelet both sides of banners.

  • Operator stands in front of the machine keeping the banner aligned.

  • When banner arrives to the correct setting position the operator will press the eyelet setting button.

  • Banner is pulled by the traction rollers on the back, the operator activates them using a foot pedal.

  • Adjustable banner width, from 600 mm – 2000 mm, any length.

Unique 2 in 1 feature: one of the machines turns 180º and can be used as a standard eyelet press to finish banners, no need to invest in another machine.

  • It is possible to work not only with banners but with full rolls as well.

  • Reduced footprint.

  • Roll 2 Roll Lite Banner can be assembled with Evolution or AutoCross eyelet machines, depending on customers requirements.